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Rail Work in Melbourne

No matter the hazards or demands of your working environment you can trust the team at Eire Workforce Solutions to find the right workers to fulfil your needs and requirements. Successfully combining years of training and experience with our qualifications we have helped countless companies and construction professionals complete a wide variety of projects on schedule and within budget.

By conducting detailed and extensive vetting of all prospective workers we can determine who is best suited to work on your project. It is only after asserting the authenticity of tickets, qualifications, and licenses that workers will be given the all-clear to be sent to work.

With the demand on metropolitan rail networks being stretched daily it is important that rail construction companies find the right people for the job. Requiring a high level of proven skills and attention to detail personnel conducting rail work throughout Melbourne need to be able to deliver the highest levels of work to ensure that all works completed do not put passengers and maintenance crew at risk.

Thanks to our strong knowledge of the labour demands and requirements of companies in the civil construction industry you can rely on the professionals at Eire Workforce Solutions to find you workers with the right skills and the right temperament to work on your current or upcoming rail works. Melbourne companies in need of workers immediately or at a future date can call us today on (03) 9354 0466 or on 0478 157 722.