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Look no further, we have the skills you need!

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Please call our office on (AUS +61) 03 93 54 0466 to arrange a meeting with one of our skilled and experienced recruitment consultants who will discuss and advise you on current employment opportunities.

Most Reliable Labour Hire Company

Don’t labour looking for work, let the professionals at Eire Workforce Solutions do the hard work for you! Fully-qualified and highly-skilled our passionate team of recruitment experts strive to the right candidate to the right job. As one of the leading labour hire and workforce recruitment agencies in Melbourne we have the ability to improve the daily operations and projects conducted by our clients.

Covering a wide variety of industries and environments our labour hire company helps Melbourne-based businesses find the right employee, even for casual contracts, to suit their particular needs and requirements. By conducting detailed interviews and research on all prospective workers, Eire Workforce Solutions guarantees that the worker comes on site with the right skills, training, and experience to minimise risk and increase effectiveness.

Thanks to our unmatched, client-focused, approach it is no wonder we have gained a reputation as one of the leading labour hire companies operating in Melbourne. While we are based in Melbourne we also have an office in Sydney, allowing us to help more Australian companies achieve their desired goals and increase their productivity.

Workforce Recruitment Agency

At Eire Workforce Solutions we have made it our ambition to take the hard work out of the employment process. Able to help both employees and employers alike our team stands apart as a workforce recruit agency that cares. Melbourne workers and companies can trust us to provide prompt and human interactions that are focused on solving issues and filling roles. With our wide variety of labour hire jobs Melbourne residents with the right skills and training will find the best job for their talents at Eire Workforce Solutions.

To discover more about our abundant range of labouring roles Melbourne and Sydney based residents looking for work can call us today on 0423 511 457 (Sydney) or on (03) 9354 0466 or 0478 157 722 (Melbourne).

Our Workforce Includes

  • Civil Engineers
  • Construction Foremen
  • Plant Operators
  • Concreters
  • Pipe Layers
  • Traffic Controllers
  • General and Skilled Labourers
  • Welders and Fabricators
  • Diesel Mechanics

What are the Benefits?

  • No Employment Risk
  • Increase Productivity
  • Short term / Long Term Contract Availability
  • Flexibility
  • No Commitment
  • Minimal Administration allowing for more operational time

Why use us?

  • Civil Construction Background
  • Vetted Personnel
  • Operators are trial tested
  • Personnel at short notice
  • Experienced Recruitment Team
  • Fully Insured
  • Professional
  • Reliable
  • Proven Track Record